Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lisa of Lisajhoney is hosting a marvelous giveaway at her blog

Check it out , she does some fabulous stuff with felt , AMAZINNNNGGG

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Well we made it to our 1st wedding anniversary lol, wasn't that hard although you better not ask Nev LOL

We didn't do anything special for the day , my kids were home and Nevs son was here for the weekend so we didn't have any "our" time but maybe one day they will all leave home and we will be alone hahahaha I live in hope. LOL

I have been ATC making recently although I think my muse has left home instead of the kids lol Oh I wish I were an artist. Although on the up side I put some cards in my gallery on Atcs For All website and got several requests for trades, soooooooo maybe I AM an artist lol

Christmas is only 39 days away, how exciting is that, I have nearly finished my shopping, Nev and I are going to Hobart tomorrow, just for the day I have a doc appointment, 4 hours there and back it will be a long day but I am planning on buying Boy Angels prezzie ( a welder) dont tell him !!! lol he knows we are getting it, he has been welding at school and loves it so looks like he will be welding everything around home too. Girl angel wants a digital camera, darn it so did I but then realised if I get her one thats better than mine, I can borrow it .......... save me some money. Ive gotten Nev the second season of Ice Road Truckers series. He's going to love that.

Well thats it for today, until next time xxxx C

Monday, October 26, 2009

Great giveaway

Hello everyone , fellow Tasmanian Lenna at Stitching Cow has a great giveaway happening at the moment go check out her blog, link .................. look left <<<<<<<<<<

Another week here in the Jackson household see's Neville working away AGAIN !!!!!!!! Not Happy Jan. this week its Monday til Friday, sigh . Last night I couldnt sleep, its so wierd. I miss him. :(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here I am sitting here missing my Hubby, He has gone to Strahan to work this week but on the bright side he will be home tomorrow YAY I miss him.. On the downside it sounds like he will be probably going back there next week, darnit.

Good news is I have been Christmas shopping and have I found some bargains?? YES I did, I am at least 1/2 way thru the shopping now Yay ME!!!!!!!!! :)

While Nev has been away I have been making some beautiful Christmas Tree decorations I have them for sale in my etsy store

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh So Long

Here it is over a month since I blogged, damm lazy I say!!!!!!!

Since last blog Girl Child turned 13, how scary is that!!!!!!! of course she thinks she is all grown up now and should be able to do as she pleases , , HAHAHA NOT For her birthday we took her and a friend to launceston shopping for the day, she got to spend all her birthday money and Nev and I had a bit of a wander around the shops and of course had to slip out to Bunnings for a browse, Hungry Jacks for lunch and made our way home via more shops in Devonport :)

Craft wise, I have been making Christmas decorations, Christmas journalling , Christmas cards and generally thinking CHRISTMAS.......... only 72 days people !!!!!!! amazing eh.

I see also from my ticker up the top of the blog Nev and I have been married 11 months today ... and they said it wouldn't last !!!!!!!!!! No not really alls good in the Jackson household :)

Well til next time, I am off to Wynyard to pick up a friend and we are going bush to Milabeena to visit another friend, been a long time between get togethers and I am looking forward to it. Byeeeeeeeeee

Friday, September 4, 2009


I just found another new blog,. it keeps me very busy keeping up withnall my favourite blogs these days, anyway this one has some amazing stuff on it so thought you may want to check it out..... yesss of course its craft stuff

the blog is called Just Something I Made and its by Cathe Holden check it out. Cathe also has quite a few vintage freebie graphics,,,,, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another subject.....................I AM SO OVER THIS RAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly how long is it going to rain, Its now September and I am positive it rained at least 25 days in August........ Everything is wet, wet, wet and wet, oh did I mention its WET!!!!!!!! and colddddddd.. Roll on summer, then I can whinge about the heat LOL

til next blog Carol xx

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi here is the link for Lennas blog you might like to check it out, shes great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Publish Post

That'll teach me

I went for a bit of a browse around some new blogs and found a great one from a fellow Tasmanian Lenna who does amazing quilting etc anyway she had (apart from a great blog) a link to the coolest book Ive seen in ages sooooo I clicked, and with a click here and a click there I spent over $70 on books..... but look what i am getting

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A funny Swap

I just signed up for a funny swap at Swap-bot. You go to Google and type your name ie: Carol needs. hit enter and see just what you need, it was pretty funny so I decided to post it here so you can all see just what it is that I need LOL

What I need
by neca 84

1. Carol needs assessment information...well I guess that could be true although assessment information in what???
2. Carol needs to be grounded in some very basic things...Well I thought I was a pretty well grounded person but maybe not, of course “Google knows best” lol
3. Carol needs our help, will be killing her dogs Ahhhhh now this is definitely WRONG, I don’t have any dogs and that’s NOT because I killed them either LOL
4. Carol Needs Another. I agree wholeheartedly, another what??? ahhhhhhhhh
5. Carol needs more busts. I am happy with the one bust I have although a little more on the size side would be appreciated lol
6. Carol needs your prayers again. Well I can always do with these, thanks for those who pray for me at any time
7. Carol needs a purpose. I have a purpose, I eat I sleep I eat I sleep, oh no wait a minute that’s the cat. Ok I eat I sleep I craft ahhhaaa that’s me 
8. Carol needed more than a single glass ... Well EVERYONE knows THAT!!!!!!!!!!
9. Carol Needs YOU awwwwwwwww ummm who are you??
10. Carol needs a home! Well I have a home actually and I am very happy in it too
And lastly
11. Carol needs to go What more can I say

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shall we try again ?????

Hello again, I got a letter from the hospital on Friday and I am booked in for my shoulder op on the 6th of July, which is great in the respect of FINALLY I get it fixed but ohhhh noooooooo in the respect of I am heading to Queensland on the 28th.

The surgeon told me that shoulder surgery is one of the most painful and slowest recovery period as any orthopedic surgery. Oh great how good is that. Oh well we will just take each day as it comes, I will be stashing up on pain killers to take with me. The girls have assured me they will give me lots of TLC.

Nothing will stop me getting on that plane, I can't wait for the break.

Anyway, til next time C x:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Bucket List

I joined a swap o swap-bot to write my bucket list , 100 things id like to do before I die. I thought Id share it.

My Bucket List
My list of 100 by Carol Jackson AKA neca84
A lot of my wishes I would never really do because I would be too afraid so read these as if I have no fears.
1. To have no regrets
2. Run away for a day and join the circus.
3. Take a trip on the Orient Express.
4. Visit the North Pole and see Santa's workshop.
5. Name a star.
6. Be in two places at once.
7. Compose a song.
8. Write a book/ novel
9. Be a star in a movie
10. draw a picture so beautiful that people would be in awe of it
11. properly grieve my fathers death
12. lose weight
13. Have the money to grant wishes
14. Swim with dolphins
15. Go whale-watching
16. Skydive
17. Fly in a hot air balloon
18. Fly in a fighter jet
19. See the Northern Lights
20. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia
21. Escape to a paradise island with my husband
22. Drive a V8 Super car n a race track
23. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer train, Canada
24. Drive along Route 66, USA
25. Fly in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Colorado, USA
26. Take the Orient Express from Venice to London
27. See elephants in the wild
28. Explore Antarctica
29. Ride a motorbike on the open road
30. Explore the Galapagos Islands
31. Gallop a horse along a beach
32. Ride a camel
33. Fly over a volcano
34. Drive a husky sled
35. Ride a rollercoaster
36. Watch mountain gorillas
37. See tigers in the wild
38. Visit Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
39. See orang-utans in Borneo
40. Go polar bear watching
41. go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
42. Oktober Fest in Germany
43. See the Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC in full bloom
44. travel to Japan to see the wonderful garden and arts
45. See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
46. See Mount Rushmore
47. See the Empire State Building
48. Climb up the Statue of Liberty
49. Go on a cruise
50. Learn to juggle
51. Learn to read tarot cards or runes
52. Learn more about photography.
53. Learn to make pottery.
54. Fly kites.
55. Perfect my Calligraphy
56. do better Embroidery
57. Learn more about Quilting
58. be more artistic in my Scrap booking
59. read all the books written by Lee Childs
60. meet Oprah
61. Meet President Obama
62. Be listed as one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People"
63. Make a difference in at least one person's life.
64. Shop at Harrods
65. Vacation at Martha's Vineyard
66. Spend a week at a 5-star spa
67. Go to an auction at Christie's or Sotheby's
68. Have "High Tea" at the Ritz
69. Watch “twilight”
70. Meet Hugh Jackman
71. grow a bonsai
72. Have a craft room all of my own
73. Stop worrying over the small stuff
74. Find inner peace
75. Ride a Harley
76. Accomplish a Great deed
77. To visit Venice
78. learn more about astronomy
79. To see my son and daughter happily married
80. To have grandchildren
81. To hear my children say, THANK YOU mum, you’ve taught me a lot or YES Mum you were right
82. Maintain a close relationship with my son and daughter for the rest of my life
83. Ram a car driven by an inconsiderate driver. ( and suffer no consequence)
84. Confront people who have hurt me and ask them why
85. Sell more of my crafts
86. Learn to like myself naked
87. Invent something worthwhile
88. Visit Bullo Station (NT Australia)
89. see a Manatee
90. see a platypus
91. Stop judging people
92. Write in my journal everyday
93. Learn to not care what people think. Probably will never happen
94. be more tolerant of EVERYONE
95. cook more exciting stuff for my family
96. I want to celebrate 50 years of marriage with my husband
97. I want to give as much to my friends as they give to me
98. To be fit
99. Drive around Australia and stop when we want to and move on when we want to, NO time constraints.
100. watch the movie “The Bucket List”

Monday, May 25, 2009

my first entry in the Pink Elephant challenge

Well I have been lurking around the Pink Elephant blog for quite a while now and decided it was time I entered so here is my first entry to the weekly challenge.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

100 words about myself

Below is 100 words about me, I did this for a swap on swapbot You had to write exactly 100 words not 101 or 99 but exactly 100, about anything, any topic, I just typically blahh blahhed LOL
so here are my 100 words............ ps if the count is wrong blame microsoft word...

My name is Carol, I am 46 years old I have 2 kids, Ryan, 14 and Tegan, 12. Last November 2009 I got married to the most wonderful man, his name is Neville, he also has 2 kids, Kirsten, 18 and Jarrod, 12.
We live in Burnie which is a city but by world standards Id say it’s a small city with a population of 19,030. We are buying our own home.
I love crafting, I like to make ATCs, Dotees, Felt Food, Stuffies, Inchies and many more. I am happy when I have a sewing needle in my hand.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bloody health system

My op was cancelled on the day. they tole me it could be 2 to 6 weeks grrrrrrrrrrr

Great news Panda had her babies but sadly she had 5 but only 3 survived, she has 3 little black babies will post pics soon.

thats all for today Carol xx

Monday, April 6, 2009

Scary but Good news

I got a phone call the other day to let me know I could go into hospital on the 16th April to have my shoulder done. ( for those that don't know I (apparently) have a spur growth on my shoulder that points itself into the tendons of my arm causing a lot of pain) I have been waiting over 2 yours to get this done, my original surgeon left Burnie and now there is apparently some locums here to do some catch up surgeries. I am off today to meet my new surgeon and then next Thursday I go "under the knife" I actually am quite scared about the whole thing. But hey, Imagine the crafting I can do with a "good" shoulder lol.

I also am on Twitter (does that mean I am a twit???) follow me here

thats it for today.... til next time .... Carol xx

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Day Out

Yesterday Saturday the 28th March Neville and I took Ryan and Tegan for a drive and a day out we went to railton, the town of Toparies, there were some beautiful designs, even if they do cheat a bit and use frames to grow the trees around and trimmed. We then went to latrobe which is an antiquey type town, checked out some cool shops then went into Devonport for lunch at KFC (ooops there went the diet!!) We wandered around another antique shop in Devonport and then started for home, stopped at Ulverstone for coffee and cake, drove through Penguin and then home. I felt exhausted, I was tired from driving and all I wanted to do was have a lay down for 1/2 an hour and Neville persuaded me to go with him to get a load of firewood, (I hate woodcutting, with a passion) but being the dutiful wife I am (pmsl) went with him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Funny Names Swap from Swap-Bot

This was such a funny swap I thought I would blog it to share with everyone.

Funny Names Survey E-Swap

1. REAL NAME: Carol Jackson
2. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(mother and fathers middle names) Patricia Amos
3. NASCAR NAME:(first name of your mother's dad, father's dad) Henry William
4. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name) Sonca
5. DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)Purple Dog
6. SOAP OPERA NAME:(middle name, town where you were born) Joy Currie
7. SUPERHERO NAME:(2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning) The Red Bourbon
8. FLY NAME: (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)Caon
9. STREET NAME:(fav ice cream flavor, fav cookie) Vanilla Fruit Slice
10. SKANK NAME: (First pet's name street you grew up on) Stripey Woodrising
11. GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of last name plus 'izzle') Jacizzle
12. GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets) Black Panda
13. STRIPPER NAME: (favorite perfume, fav candy)Red Door Clinker
some I made up
14. Preschool Nic name : ( first 2 letters of your first and last name with little first) Little Caja
15. Old Folks Home Nic: (no letters needed, just if female use er or male use is with Old in the beginning) Old whatsername
16. Aussie Nic Name: (first 4 letters of surname + o on the end) Jacko)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Completely off the track

This is Panda

This is Reg ........................................................................this is Blossom

Hello, this post is especially for the group of wonderful women in the Aussie Group at Swap-Bot making the friendship strip quilt.
I thought I would give you ladies the link to my blog and post a few photos of our piggies.

Friday, March 6, 2009

more babies and other things

I really cannot get into this blogging regularly thing, can I?
Blossom had her 3rd litter of babies on Monday in the pouring rain, wind blowing a gale and sooo cold.

She deliverd 4 little cuties

This is Ratus and Corky (from left) and Blossom, Bill and Ben.
they are really sweet arent they. ahhh maybe I am just a guinea pig freak.
At SWAPBOT I joined a strip quilt round robin, this means that each person makes a calico strip with either applique, embroidery or whatever on it, joined to a coloured strip in their colour scheme and then posts that off to the next person, In the end you get back a single bed sized quilt piece back, with a strip of everyones work, its so exciting I have done my first strip and my theme is black and white and................... yep you guessed it, Guinea Pigs :) I will def post pics when that gets home to me.
I am also in a Journal round Robin, a Recipe journal round robin and Tegan has joined a kids journal round robin...... whew lots of journalling going on here.
MY CAR PORT IS FINISHED........ YAY and it poured with rain on Monday and Tuesday and my car was all nice and dry underneath, its nice when its raining to be able to get from the car to the house and not get wet. Thanks to Neville for being Husband of the Year and building it for me :)
Well I think thats about it for this time, until next time, BYE Cx

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I had a Birthday

Well there you go I had a birthday and I am no older!!!!!!! can you imagine how stupid I was, all last year Ive been saying I am 46 and will turn 47 in Feb 09, weeeeeeeeeeell as it turns out, I only turned 46 this year, so Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Speaking of Birthdays, my sweet little girl angel organised a surprise BBQ for me at Ang's house, We arrived there after picking Ryan up from the farm and here were cars I recognised !! what a lovely evening we all had.

Then the next week we went up to Milabeena to a girlfriends for a BBQ for her birthday. Lots in my family and friends birthdays in Jan and Feb.

I have opened an Etsy Shop today and listed some book sacks and some envelopes will be listing more as time moves along.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ooops nearly a month since last Blog,,,,,

LOL so much for my big brag I was going to blog more often HAHA Yeah sure carol.

Anyway whats been happening, Tassie in in ythe grips of a heat wave, its so dammed hot here. Well its hot everywhere but we are sooooo not used to it here in Tassie.

Nev started building the carport and the other day I was going to pick up the kids and my car was in a different spot so wjhat did I do but drove a tad too close to the house and put a nice little dent in the car, (not to mention the house :)) I went inside and told nev he just gave me a hug and said hey dont worry it could have been worse. Its bad enough tho $700 for a small dent to be fixed, grrrr. In my next life i want to be a panel beater :)

My Kids havent gone back to school yet. Spending a huge amounyt I have them ready to go, Tegan starts grade 7 on Monday..... my baby in High School !!!!!!! and Ryan starts grade 9 on Wednesday . Ryan said to me the other day, Hey mum do you realise next year I will have my "Ls" now THATS Scary.

Anyway that will do for today and I will try and blog more often :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

The next episode!!!

Well after fining out the car was going to cost lots and lots of $$$$ to get fixed apparently pistons and other important things were bent and broken, apparently the timing belt broke, which I have now learnt IS NOT a good thing.

Nev decided we should buy a new (well new for us) car so we went looking on Thurs afternoon around all the car yards in Burnie only found 1 he kinda liked so we went back Fri morning (19th Dec) and took it for a test drive, nev said it had a knock in the steering, me ?? , so we went to Shearwater to have a look at a private one from the paper, Nev fell in love with the car AND the price and I ended up driving my new car home YAY.

On the 29th december Nev went back to work and I called him to let him know that our fridge died. sighhhh what else can possibly go wrong next. Nev decided the best thing to do would be go buy a new fridge so he brought one home on Wed.

I have decided that all out bad things happened in 2008, not all bad off course because we had our wonderful wedding. but 2009 Is not going to be a bad year. Things WILL go our way,,, pleaseeeeeeee.

lol thats all for now folks I have RSI from typing so much in one go lol, Carol xx

gee where did the days go?

Well here it is Christmas is over and I didnt make a post sorry!!
Its been a pretty eventful (read expensive) time here lately.

On the 17th of Dec I headed off to take the kids to the airport to go to melbourne to meet their dad and then go to new Zealand.
Ahh the best intentions..........

We left home with an hour to spare, I thought we could have an easy trip and would have spare time if we had a puncture or anything, what I didnt plan on was my car dying completely, totally,, DEAD. We just got around the roundabout at Howth and PftPft it went and then nothing...... I pulled over, checked the petrol :) and tried to start it,, nothing.

Hmmm time to start thinking, ok I will ring my best frind in Wynyard ask her to come get us, take us to Devonport where i would grab a rental. PLAN A

Ang said she would come, I spent ages on the phone calling directory assistance to get car rental places numbers and calling them, could you believe that there was NOT ONE rental car available in devonport that day. I tried to call Nev but he wads working out of phone range. I called my mum, just for some advice really, she suggested my SIL who lives at Turners Beach, so I tried her and asked how she felt about a trip to Launceston this afternoon!!!

Thankfully Jodi said no prob and we got Ang to drop us there and Jodi took us to the airport in Launceston. All panicing slightly we arrived 10 mins after we were supposed to and the plane was 50 minutes late. soooooo thankfully we sat had a calming drink, I gave the kids big hugs ( to their huge embarasment!!) and said goodbye.

Got back to jodis and Nev was there waiting for me, I had managed to get thru to him at some stage in the afternoon. he took me back to where I had left the car and we then towed it home, what an absolutely awful trip, its horrible being towed, horrible!!!

Home at 9.30 pm nev cooked tea while I sat at the table shell shocked. hes a wonderful man.