Monday, January 5, 2009

The next episode!!!

Well after fining out the car was going to cost lots and lots of $$$$ to get fixed apparently pistons and other important things were bent and broken, apparently the timing belt broke, which I have now learnt IS NOT a good thing.

Nev decided we should buy a new (well new for us) car so we went looking on Thurs afternoon around all the car yards in Burnie only found 1 he kinda liked so we went back Fri morning (19th Dec) and took it for a test drive, nev said it had a knock in the steering, me ?? , so we went to Shearwater to have a look at a private one from the paper, Nev fell in love with the car AND the price and I ended up driving my new car home YAY.

On the 29th december Nev went back to work and I called him to let him know that our fridge died. sighhhh what else can possibly go wrong next. Nev decided the best thing to do would be go buy a new fridge so he brought one home on Wed.

I have decided that all out bad things happened in 2008, not all bad off course because we had our wonderful wedding. but 2009 Is not going to be a bad year. Things WILL go our way,,, pleaseeeeeeee.

lol thats all for now folks I have RSI from typing so much in one go lol, Carol xx

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