Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seems like a couple of days since I was here but actually its more like 2 weeks, So I will try an make the effort to post Each Wednesday, hahaha ok I did say try.

This card is done for a character swap, the deal was the card had to have a character, 1 bow, 2 flowers, 3 colours not inc skin and 4 embellishments, I had fun with this one.

Last Friday N and I went to Launnie again, we took the old motor out of the cruiser to the place where he bought the new motor, went

to our fav fish and chip shop in Kings Meadows and of course to Bunnings :)

These cards are 4 of the 8 I did for a "Not another Disney" swap at ATCS for All.
I really love the way the door knob from Alice In Wonderland turned out.

On Sunday Boy Angel went to a farm near Wynyard to do some work experience, he had a great time but was totally exhausted when we went to pick him up, went to bed at 8pm and I

had to wake him at 7 the next morning.

Girl Angel spent most of Sunday asleep in bed with a tummy virus thingie.

These are my "I can Sing A Rainbow" inchies. Cute huh?

These cards are the last in the series of Alphabet swaps, U is for Umbrella, V is for Vegimite, W is for Whale, X is for X-Ray, Y is for Yard and Z is for Zebra.

I cant wait to get all mine back for this swap, I have had great fun trying to work out what to do for each letter.

Well I think thats all from me, and I will (I hope) be back next Wednesday. I will be the Wednesday Blogger :)
CYA xx