Saturday, August 30, 2008

Naughty Friends

Look what that naughty girl, kathleen send Nev and I, isn't she just so wonderful. In case you can see what it is, its a gold photo frame and is just gorgeous. so Thank you again Kathleen. :)

Since last time I have been doing stuff for the wedding, I will post some pics next time of what I've been up to.

This is a needle felted pin cushion that I made last week. I am pretty addicted to needle felting, thanks to Niss fo sending me the gear to do it.

This pin cushion is made on cream felted jumper, then the flower is also a different colour felted jumper, and the centre is the same as the cream base. it looks so cool, I really like it although I will probably send it to someone on swap bot.

A few ATC swaps been happening on AFA site, This one is a Mermaid swap

Does this tail make my bum look big?

This one is also from the AFA site and is called Recycle It Again, the rule was you had to make the ATCs using old calendar, greeting cards etc.

Well thats about it for now, apart from the fact that I have been so sick this last week with the flu, its been really horrible but nev has been doing heaps of stuff around the house for me. Oh he's a good'un.

Til Next time C x

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello again

hi I am back, Ive been busy sending out tags and swaps this week.

I love the Aussie group wishlist, Ive really enjoyed making up these little gifts.

I am also hosting my first swap at ATCs For All, its a "Feeling Puzzled" swap each ATC has to have a puzzle piece on it, I thought it would be fun but now I find its turned into a real challenge, the other people in the swap are saying the same thing. At ATCs For All, you have to have certain amount of feednback before you can host and for your first swap it can only be a 3 for 3 swap with 12 participants. But it will be great to see what everyone comes up with.
I have done these so far:

and another couple that I havent taken pics of yet.
Yes def a challenge.
Oh I also did 2 private matchbox swaps this last week as well, I had never done one so I asked in forum for help and made and sent 2 matchboxes cobvered and filled with the themes chosen. I really hope I did them right and the people I sent them too are happy with them.
Anyway thats it for me this week I am off to bed, boy angel is back to the farm in the morning and good ole mum gets to take him.
See you next week (If not before ...PMSL) cya C xx

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Only 6 days

Only 6 days since I was here last, I am doing so well. Hmm my mum always told me that self praise was no recommendation, but I think, hey someones gotta do it , right?

In the last 6 days, what been happening, I have been crafting of course, like there is anything else do to !!

I made a cute bag out of a pure wool jumper I bought at the op shop which I felted then needle felted, then I lined it and made the strap, it looks pretty cool if I do say so myself, (theres that self praise thing again).
I finally (lol) got the Round Robin, Box of Goodies from our Aussie swap-Bot group, wow that was fun, the picture shows 1/2 of what was in it when I got it, i took out what I wanted and it was empty!!! no not really I took out what I wanted then added the goodies I had bought for it and sent it on its way to ozrob, who started the box.
Ozrob is going to start another box soon, I will be in that round robin too, what fun!!!

Well what else is new?? Ahh wedding Plans well the caterer is finalised (yay) at only $25 a head for a roast medley and a selection of sweets, i am impressed.
Venue Booked, Balloons bought, rings ordered, music on the way. its slowly coming together.
Well thats it for the moment, will love you and leave you
bye Cx

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back Again

Well lookee there, Here I am again!!!

Today I took Boy Angel to Wynyard to his farm job experience thingie, I visited my bestest friend and of course we talked weddings, weddings, weddings, OHHHHHHHHH but of course, I havent told you. We set a date!!! but I cant tell you when, because one of the groups I am in on Swap-bot is running a guessing competition to pick the date, Soooo I can let you know at the end of the month. Clue,,,, its this year!!!
So anyway after a discussion on table decorations, table cloths etc etc, Girl Angel and I went to Woolies to shop for an inside BBQ we are having tonight for Boy Angels 14th Birthday (which is Monday)
so hard to believe it was 14 years ago I was waddling around with the giant watermelon, then at 2.22pm on Thursday the 11th Aug 1994 I gave birth to the gorgeous boy, who weighed in at a neat 10lbs !! yup he was my first...
Well probably enough babbling, I should get busy making those darn kebabs !!. Until we meet again......... Cx

Oh My Goodness

Its been a month !!!!!!!! here it is 08/08/08, the eighth of the eighth two thousand and eight, thats a lot of eights. happy birthday to anyone having one today!!

Well ok I guess you probably havent noticed but its been a month since I have ummmm errr blogged, so much for my big promise that I would blog weekly. bad bad me

I have been doing lots of stuff, craft related of course :0 and family related, I seem to spend a lot of my time arguing with Boy Angel at the moment, he went to Ben Lomand (Ski mountain) at the weekend with Scouts and came home very tired, Monday night he had first aid, Wednesday night he had Scouts, by Thursday night he was horrid, I spent most of the evening yelling it seemed. it was awful, I hate it all soo much. please tell me that Girl Angel wont do this too me :(

FELTING, wonderful Niss from Swap-bot sent me the beginnings of my new favourite craft, I made this bag for my SIL for christmas all out of an old woolen jumper which I felted and then needle felted the pic on a piece and stitched on. I love it !! (Yes it IS a cow)
Well I am off to bed, I promise I will be more attentive to you dear blog, and in the word of Arnie.. "I'll be back"