Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh My Goodness

Its been a month !!!!!!!! here it is 08/08/08, the eighth of the eighth two thousand and eight, thats a lot of eights. happy birthday to anyone having one today!!

Well ok I guess you probably havent noticed but its been a month since I have ummmm errr blogged, so much for my big promise that I would blog weekly. bad bad me

I have been doing lots of stuff, craft related of course :0 and family related, I seem to spend a lot of my time arguing with Boy Angel at the moment, he went to Ben Lomand (Ski mountain) at the weekend with Scouts and came home very tired, Monday night he had first aid, Wednesday night he had Scouts, by Thursday night he was horrid, I spent most of the evening yelling it seemed. it was awful, I hate it all soo much. please tell me that Girl Angel wont do this too me :(

FELTING, wonderful Niss from Swap-bot sent me the beginnings of my new favourite craft, I made this bag for my SIL for christmas all out of an old woolen jumper which I felted and then needle felted the pic on a piece and stitched on. I love it !! (Yes it IS a cow)
Well I am off to bed, I promise I will be more attentive to you dear blog, and in the word of Arnie.. "I'll be back"

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niss said...

you are doing an awesome job with the needle felting my friend!! mush better than me when i first started!!! keep it up.