Friday, August 8, 2008

Back Again

Well lookee there, Here I am again!!!

Today I took Boy Angel to Wynyard to his farm job experience thingie, I visited my bestest friend and of course we talked weddings, weddings, weddings, OHHHHHHHHH but of course, I havent told you. We set a date!!! but I cant tell you when, because one of the groups I am in on Swap-bot is running a guessing competition to pick the date, Soooo I can let you know at the end of the month. Clue,,,, its this year!!!
So anyway after a discussion on table decorations, table cloths etc etc, Girl Angel and I went to Woolies to shop for an inside BBQ we are having tonight for Boy Angels 14th Birthday (which is Monday)
so hard to believe it was 14 years ago I was waddling around with the giant watermelon, then at 2.22pm on Thursday the 11th Aug 1994 I gave birth to the gorgeous boy, who weighed in at a neat 10lbs !! yup he was my first...
Well probably enough babbling, I should get busy making those darn kebabs !!. Until we meet again......... Cx

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kyles said...

as another mum of two 10lb'ers I totally get the waddling around bit :) my first was just under 10lb and the second and 3rd ones were just over! Hope you had a fabulous birthday celebration, indoor bbq sounds like a smart idea, been so cold!