Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding Stuff

Hi Ho Its Me again!!

Isn't this CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havent done a lot this week but will show you some stuff I have done for the wedding. I bought this gorgeous cake topper from "spotlight" for $17.95, the same thing on eBay for $40.!! Imagine.!!

My Sister Trisha had one very similar for her wedding in Jan but her "bride" had blonde hair.

I have made our order of service phamplets to give the guests at the ceremony, these are quite small with a silver printed vellum front and a gorgeous "Heart" brad holding them all together. I am really happy with how they turned out.

I also have made these bombonieres. These little packs of lollies I got at the discount store for 40 for $2.00. Then I made the covers and covered each and every one, each guest will have on in their place setting I made 60 of them so I guess they cost about $4.00 all up.

I also made the guest book, I got one of those cardboard scrapbooking books and covered each page with weddingish paper. All in all , that side of things is going remarkedly well.

As for the "other" side , well we had a bit of a dispute with Nevs mum this week which has left us both feeling really bad, She was just trying to have control I guess and said if we didnt invie blah blah, well she wouldnt come. initially I was of the opinion, oh well sorry you wont be there but then stopped , she IS Nevs mum and he would hate it if she wasnt there so, we gave in. Its just that we hate the fact that basically she blackmailed us. grrr. Doubt Nev will ever forget this tho............

Friday, September 19, 2008


Panda is SOOOO pregnant, she is getting huge, poor baby, her babies are due anytime from about a week. hurry up and have those babies Panda.

only a week later

Well its only a week since I have been on here, school hols are nearly over now much to boy angels disgust, he is not looking forawrd to going back to school. Of course Girl angel cannot wait, its the social thing I think although she sure loves to learn as well.

8 weeks from tomorrow and its the wedding, I cant even manage to be excited at the moment, I am having a terrible "down" time, am thinking of upping the pills, might just see how I go for the next week, may need to visit my GP again.

The wedding planning is about at a standstill, girl angel and my mother, both seem to think I need to carry a bouquet, I am undecided on that one.

if I could have a nice bunch of freesias I would but they would be finished by then. Will wait and see how I feel closer to the time.

I have been doing a few swaps lately These inchies are ready for the 3rd swap in a lot of 5 swaps for the inchies alphabet, its fun thinking of something that I can put on a 1 inch square.
We, kids and I went to visit my brother ,SIL ,niece and nephew yesterday, Nicole had her 14th birthday last week and I wanted to see her for that, Tom is about 15 months now and a real cutie. I made sausage rolls, cuz they all love my sausage rolls and SIL made some yum savouries and we had a lovely lunch. Was good to catch up with them, we dont see them very often.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Date, The Date!!!!

Well as I told you earlier, we set the date for our wedding, we are getting married on November the 15th, at Oldina Forsetry Reserve at 4pm, then the reception is going to be at the Burnie Golf Club , with Elvis playing the music. Now how many people can say they are having Elvis play at their wedding??? LOL I can, seriously thats his name, maybe his mum was a huge fan!!!!!!!!

Today Girl Angel and I had the best of luck we went shopping to change the shirt we had bought nev for the wedding, I got one that was too big. Well we had a bit of time so we went to Payless shoes and there they were.......... nice black sandles IN MY SIZE!!!!! needless to say I bought them, we then went to Kmart, and looked for a dress for Girl Angel, and look we did, but can you believe this I said ok theres nothing here turned a corner and there it was,,,, the perfect dress for her, we went and she tried it on and IT FIT,,,, it was just OUR day for wedding shopping.
Speaking of clothes for the wedding , I made a start on my top, and OMG I hate it, it makes me look as big as 3 barns, I wont wear it, Ill have to come up with something else, its a waste of approx $35 for fabric , but I dont care, I hate it!!!!!!!!
School hols here. been pretty laid back, nev has had this week off work and we have had his son for the week. Boy Angel has spent a few extra days up on the farm so hes been happy and girl angel spent a few days with a friend of hers at my mums.
Thats about it for now, sooo bye for now.. Cxx