Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding Stuff

Hi Ho Its Me again!!

Isn't this CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havent done a lot this week but will show you some stuff I have done for the wedding. I bought this gorgeous cake topper from "spotlight" for $17.95, the same thing on eBay for $40.!! Imagine.!!

My Sister Trisha had one very similar for her wedding in Jan but her "bride" had blonde hair.

I have made our order of service phamplets to give the guests at the ceremony, these are quite small with a silver printed vellum front and a gorgeous "Heart" brad holding them all together. I am really happy with how they turned out.

I also have made these bombonieres. These little packs of lollies I got at the discount store for 40 for $2.00. Then I made the covers and covered each and every one, each guest will have on in their place setting I made 60 of them so I guess they cost about $4.00 all up.

I also made the guest book, I got one of those cardboard scrapbooking books and covered each page with weddingish paper. All in all , that side of things is going remarkedly well.

As for the "other" side , well we had a bit of a dispute with Nevs mum this week which has left us both feeling really bad, She was just trying to have control I guess and said if we didnt invie blah blah, well she wouldnt come. initially I was of the opinion, oh well sorry you wont be there but then stopped , she IS Nevs mum and he would hate it if she wasnt there so, we gave in. Its just that we hate the fact that basically she blackmailed us. grrr. Doubt Nev will ever forget this tho............

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Jules said...

How cute is that idea,see i am always saying it takes thought not money.I think you did a wonderful job on your wedding stuff.Merry Christmas too