Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lisa of Lisajhoney is hosting a marvelous giveaway at her blog

Check it out , she does some fabulous stuff with felt , AMAZINNNNGGG

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Well we made it to our 1st wedding anniversary lol, wasn't that hard although you better not ask Nev LOL

We didn't do anything special for the day , my kids were home and Nevs son was here for the weekend so we didn't have any "our" time but maybe one day they will all leave home and we will be alone hahahaha I live in hope. LOL

I have been ATC making recently although I think my muse has left home instead of the kids lol Oh I wish I were an artist. Although on the up side I put some cards in my gallery on Atcs For All website and got several requests for trades, soooooooo maybe I AM an artist lol

Christmas is only 39 days away, how exciting is that, I have nearly finished my shopping, Nev and I are going to Hobart tomorrow, just for the day I have a doc appointment, 4 hours there and back it will be a long day but I am planning on buying Boy Angels prezzie ( a welder) dont tell him !!! lol he knows we are getting it, he has been welding at school and loves it so looks like he will be welding everything around home too. Girl angel wants a digital camera, darn it so did I but then realised if I get her one thats better than mine, I can borrow it .......... save me some money. Ive gotten Nev the second season of Ice Road Truckers series. He's going to love that.

Well thats it for today, until next time xxxx C