Thursday, February 19, 2009

I had a Birthday

Well there you go I had a birthday and I am no older!!!!!!! can you imagine how stupid I was, all last year Ive been saying I am 46 and will turn 47 in Feb 09, weeeeeeeeeeell as it turns out, I only turned 46 this year, so Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Speaking of Birthdays, my sweet little girl angel organised a surprise BBQ for me at Ang's house, We arrived there after picking Ryan up from the farm and here were cars I recognised !! what a lovely evening we all had.

Then the next week we went up to Milabeena to a girlfriends for a BBQ for her birthday. Lots in my family and friends birthdays in Jan and Feb.

I have opened an Etsy Shop today and listed some book sacks and some envelopes will be listing more as time moves along.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ooops nearly a month since last Blog,,,,,

LOL so much for my big brag I was going to blog more often HAHA Yeah sure carol.

Anyway whats been happening, Tassie in in ythe grips of a heat wave, its so dammed hot here. Well its hot everywhere but we are sooooo not used to it here in Tassie.

Nev started building the carport and the other day I was going to pick up the kids and my car was in a different spot so wjhat did I do but drove a tad too close to the house and put a nice little dent in the car, (not to mention the house :)) I went inside and told nev he just gave me a hug and said hey dont worry it could have been worse. Its bad enough tho $700 for a small dent to be fixed, grrrr. In my next life i want to be a panel beater :)

My Kids havent gone back to school yet. Spending a huge amounyt I have them ready to go, Tegan starts grade 7 on Monday..... my baby in High School !!!!!!! and Ryan starts grade 9 on Wednesday . Ryan said to me the other day, Hey mum do you realise next year I will have my "Ls" now THATS Scary.

Anyway that will do for today and I will try and blog more often :)