Thursday, February 19, 2009

I had a Birthday

Well there you go I had a birthday and I am no older!!!!!!! can you imagine how stupid I was, all last year Ive been saying I am 46 and will turn 47 in Feb 09, weeeeeeeeeeell as it turns out, I only turned 46 this year, so Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Speaking of Birthdays, my sweet little girl angel organised a surprise BBQ for me at Ang's house, We arrived there after picking Ryan up from the farm and here were cars I recognised !! what a lovely evening we all had.

Then the next week we went up to Milabeena to a girlfriends for a BBQ for her birthday. Lots in my family and friends birthdays in Jan and Feb.

I have opened an Etsy Shop today and listed some book sacks and some envelopes will be listing more as time moves along.

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