Friday, March 6, 2009

more babies and other things

I really cannot get into this blogging regularly thing, can I?
Blossom had her 3rd litter of babies on Monday in the pouring rain, wind blowing a gale and sooo cold.

She deliverd 4 little cuties

This is Ratus and Corky (from left) and Blossom, Bill and Ben.
they are really sweet arent they. ahhh maybe I am just a guinea pig freak.
At SWAPBOT I joined a strip quilt round robin, this means that each person makes a calico strip with either applique, embroidery or whatever on it, joined to a coloured strip in their colour scheme and then posts that off to the next person, In the end you get back a single bed sized quilt piece back, with a strip of everyones work, its so exciting I have done my first strip and my theme is black and white and................... yep you guessed it, Guinea Pigs :) I will def post pics when that gets home to me.
I am also in a Journal round Robin, a Recipe journal round robin and Tegan has joined a kids journal round robin...... whew lots of journalling going on here.
MY CAR PORT IS FINISHED........ YAY and it poured with rain on Monday and Tuesday and my car was all nice and dry underneath, its nice when its raining to be able to get from the car to the house and not get wet. Thanks to Neville for being Husband of the Year and building it for me :)
Well I think thats about it for this time, until next time, BYE Cx

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