Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Day Out

Yesterday Saturday the 28th March Neville and I took Ryan and Tegan for a drive and a day out we went to railton, the town of Toparies, there were some beautiful designs, even if they do cheat a bit and use frames to grow the trees around and trimmed. We then went to latrobe which is an antiquey type town, checked out some cool shops then went into Devonport for lunch at KFC (ooops there went the diet!!) We wandered around another antique shop in Devonport and then started for home, stopped at Ulverstone for coffee and cake, drove through Penguin and then home. I felt exhausted, I was tired from driving and all I wanted to do was have a lay down for 1/2 an hour and Neville persuaded me to go with him to get a load of firewood, (I hate woodcutting, with a passion) but being the dutiful wife I am (pmsl) went with him.

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