Friday, September 12, 2008

The Date, The Date!!!!

Well as I told you earlier, we set the date for our wedding, we are getting married on November the 15th, at Oldina Forsetry Reserve at 4pm, then the reception is going to be at the Burnie Golf Club , with Elvis playing the music. Now how many people can say they are having Elvis play at their wedding??? LOL I can, seriously thats his name, maybe his mum was a huge fan!!!!!!!!

Today Girl Angel and I had the best of luck we went shopping to change the shirt we had bought nev for the wedding, I got one that was too big. Well we had a bit of time so we went to Payless shoes and there they were.......... nice black sandles IN MY SIZE!!!!! needless to say I bought them, we then went to Kmart, and looked for a dress for Girl Angel, and look we did, but can you believe this I said ok theres nothing here turned a corner and there it was,,,, the perfect dress for her, we went and she tried it on and IT FIT,,,, it was just OUR day for wedding shopping.
Speaking of clothes for the wedding , I made a start on my top, and OMG I hate it, it makes me look as big as 3 barns, I wont wear it, Ill have to come up with something else, its a waste of approx $35 for fabric , but I dont care, I hate it!!!!!!!!
School hols here. been pretty laid back, nev has had this week off work and we have had his son for the week. Boy Angel has spent a few extra days up on the farm so hes been happy and girl angel spent a few days with a friend of hers at my mums.
Thats about it for now, sooo bye for now.. Cxx

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