Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Only 6 days

Only 6 days since I was here last, I am doing so well. Hmm my mum always told me that self praise was no recommendation, but I think, hey someones gotta do it , right?

In the last 6 days, what been happening, I have been crafting of course, like there is anything else do to !!

I made a cute bag out of a pure wool jumper I bought at the op shop which I felted then needle felted, then I lined it and made the strap, it looks pretty cool if I do say so myself, (theres that self praise thing again).
I finally (lol) got the Round Robin, Box of Goodies from our Aussie swap-Bot group, wow that was fun, the picture shows 1/2 of what was in it when I got it, i took out what I wanted and it was empty!!! no not really I took out what I wanted then added the goodies I had bought for it and sent it on its way to ozrob, who started the box.
Ozrob is going to start another box soon, I will be in that round robin too, what fun!!!

Well what else is new?? Ahh wedding Plans well the caterer is finalised (yay) at only $25 a head for a roast medley and a selection of sweets, i am impressed.
Venue Booked, Balloons bought, rings ordered, music on the way. its slowly coming together.
Well thats it for the moment, will love you and leave you
bye Cx

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kyles said...

Hey there...I love that bag, what a cute idea and how clever :) I have also seen them made out of old jeans :) I'll also have to check out other swaps on swap-bot, I'm enjoying the blog one still xo