Monday, January 5, 2009

gee where did the days go?

Well here it is Christmas is over and I didnt make a post sorry!!
Its been a pretty eventful (read expensive) time here lately.

On the 17th of Dec I headed off to take the kids to the airport to go to melbourne to meet their dad and then go to new Zealand.
Ahh the best intentions..........

We left home with an hour to spare, I thought we could have an easy trip and would have spare time if we had a puncture or anything, what I didnt plan on was my car dying completely, totally,, DEAD. We just got around the roundabout at Howth and PftPft it went and then nothing...... I pulled over, checked the petrol :) and tried to start it,, nothing.

Hmmm time to start thinking, ok I will ring my best frind in Wynyard ask her to come get us, take us to Devonport where i would grab a rental. PLAN A

Ang said she would come, I spent ages on the phone calling directory assistance to get car rental places numbers and calling them, could you believe that there was NOT ONE rental car available in devonport that day. I tried to call Nev but he wads working out of phone range. I called my mum, just for some advice really, she suggested my SIL who lives at Turners Beach, so I tried her and asked how she felt about a trip to Launceston this afternoon!!!

Thankfully Jodi said no prob and we got Ang to drop us there and Jodi took us to the airport in Launceston. All panicing slightly we arrived 10 mins after we were supposed to and the plane was 50 minutes late. soooooo thankfully we sat had a calming drink, I gave the kids big hugs ( to their huge embarasment!!) and said goodbye.

Got back to jodis and Nev was there waiting for me, I had managed to get thru to him at some stage in the afternoon. he took me back to where I had left the car and we then towed it home, what an absolutely awful trip, its horrible being towed, horrible!!!

Home at 9.30 pm nev cooked tea while I sat at the table shell shocked. hes a wonderful man.

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