Monday, June 29, 2009

Shall we try again ?????

Hello again, I got a letter from the hospital on Friday and I am booked in for my shoulder op on the 6th of July, which is great in the respect of FINALLY I get it fixed but ohhhh noooooooo in the respect of I am heading to Queensland on the 28th.

The surgeon told me that shoulder surgery is one of the most painful and slowest recovery period as any orthopedic surgery. Oh great how good is that. Oh well we will just take each day as it comes, I will be stashing up on pain killers to take with me. The girls have assured me they will give me lots of TLC.

Nothing will stop me getting on that plane, I can't wait for the break.

Anyway, til next time C x:)

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kylieluvsrt said...

that sucks big time. hope you have a nice time in queensland. hugs