Thursday, March 18, 2010

ho hum

Well here it is a week after Marmalade joined our home and I am thinking he has settled in quite well, My allergies only play upp if I touch him and dont wash my hands straight away. He of course is well on the way to being the boss of the house.
This last week I have been working on an easter swap where you decorate and fill an egg carton with plastic eggs in which you put little gifts. I also participated in a "bit about me" swap which had me going way back and remembering childhood memories and events, and buying some Tassie souveniers to post to my partner in South Australioa, I received my swap today from a lady in New Zealand which was fun.

I have also been working on some journal pages which I really enjoy.

I have signed up for a swap which is a really indepth journal swap and am really enjoying it so far.Here is a link to the swap if youre interested in seeing more about it.

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