Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhh it keeps on going

Well things have finally come to a head with the whole family drama thats been going on so if you need updating message me ok.

Today I am feeling sad and a bit scared , a very close frind of mine is having a lumpectomy today, I am hoping that it all goes well for her, just hate the waiting to hear I guess.

Another thing today my parents have headed off overseas, they have gone back to South Africa for another holiday and to see more of the counrty and for my Step father to play cricket again.

Neville has been delivering wood after work everyday this week and I am feeling like I have hardly seen him.

OHHHHHHHH Another thing this week,. Neville finally gave in and gave Tegan permission to get a cat. Well we visited the pound and she has chosen one, (Even I have to admit he is a cutie) he was having the necessary vitit to the vet yesterday and we pick him up on Friday, his name is/ was Jason............ now who calls a cat Jason, I swear the cat blushed when they told us his name,, of course he is going to be named something more masculine, cooler and darnright Cat like.......... Marmalade. ...........sigh, I was voting for Bax.

Til next time, and yes there will be Cat photos lol , Carol xx

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Nicc79 said...

Can't wait to see a pic of your new cat!! :)