Thursday, June 26, 2008

The weather here has been totally awful the last few days, wet, wild and windy, ewww I hate it.

I am drying the washing in front of the heater, lounge looks like a chinese laundry.

On the plus side, I cant get out so I am crafting more and more, I recently finished a swap from ATCs For All of SUNFLOWERS, one of the cards I did, I was sooo proud of that I couldnt bear to part with it, Ill stick a pic in here, it really probably isnt much but I felt so proud of me when I finished it :)

N and I went to Launnie on Monday for a drive and to see if we could get a part for the new motor for the Cruiser, which we couldnt, but we had a nice day, spent together.

Thats about all for now I think, nearly the end of the tax year which means I may have a few extra $$ soon, I love tax time :) I can buy some more art supplies and STAMPS for that blasted overseas postage!!!!

Bye for now :)

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