Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Oh how I love swap-bot, what would I do all day if I didnt have my cards etc to work on.
I am in several groups and feel like I am part of a family, especially in the Aussie Swappers and the Aus and NZ Gals group.
I have learnt so many new techniques and have improved so much in my art, ART!! that seems so funny saying that, I get some wonderful comments on my work, it really makes my day. sometimes my week!!!
I look through my flicka and see some of what Ive done and I think, wow thats good, sad isnt it!? lol
So if any of you people out there have commented on my work ( in a good way lol) many many many thanx ..

BTW the babies are growing up so fast, Blossoms babies are 15 days old now and Pandas are 10 days old, and they have about doubled in size :)

til next time .................. xx

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kyles said...

Oh Carol,

I'm fast getting addicted to swapbot too...grins...but I'm not up to the calibre or swapping my art yet, I'll stick to swapping blog links and postacrds for now!