Friday, February 26, 2010

Really Bad Week

As some of you may know its been a pretty tough week for us this week and its no where near finished yet. I am hoping for more news on Monday and hopefully let me know that its over and I can STOP STRESSING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who wants more info on this can message me privately and I will let you know what been going on.

I have been taking part in a All Types Of ART A-Thon at this weekend and have made several ATCs which hopefully I might get a trade or two out of, these 2 are a couple of the vintage type ones I made.

I have also been working on some vintage gift cards for another swap and loving making them, I do love the vintage theme.

Anyway thats it for today, I better go and pick up what I imagine to be a very tired girl angel, she has spent the day bowling, lunching and shopping with friends for 1 friends birthday. Oh to be 13 and have a social life :)

Bye for now Carol xxx

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