Friday, November 14, 2008

The day before the wedding!!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is, the 14th of November and we get married tomorrow !! How exciting is that................... OK its very very exciting.

This past week has been just a bit of a blur really, I wrote a list last weekend and every day had things to do on it.

Monday I made some phone calls and dyed my hair,
Tuesday my bestest friend Mappy came over and we discussed wedding stuff, she is making a bit of a speech before the ceremony, before we arrive. Wednesday I went house work mad, dusted, vaccuumed cleaned, tidied became very domesticated, so not like me !!
Thursday I had to go to the school for a P&F meeting, which involved the president suprising everyone with his resignation, leaving me as sec and a vice pres as the only executive officers left. I am thinking that this might see the end of P&F. Then I did the school banking because I was rostered on.
Friday, tegan had a hair cut, we came home and I made a comb to wear in my hair then Ryan came home from school and we went to the Golf Club to set up for the reception. Mum and Trisha(my sister) and Jessica(my niece) came to help as well as Mappy, we set tables, blew up balloons and Ryan was great at putting the balloons up high. the room looks fantastic, i am really happy with how it turned out. Nev went to Smithton after work to pick up his kids for the weekend. so now we are just sitting, I feel like I should be in bed :) I am so tired.

I guess thats it for now I will post more and some pictures after the wedding :)
Carol xx

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